Fishing conditions

Fishing regulations in the recreation area                  

“Mārtiņu lake”

Based on the regulations of Article 4 of Fishing regulations fishing in a private water body “Mārtiņu lake” is permitted under the following conditions:

Fishing is allowed from the coast only.
All kinds of fishing lanes can be used for fishing without any number limitations.
Fishing during the summer season is possible from June 1 to October 15, in the winter season – in case of safe ice.
One fishing session should last not more than 6 hours. Fishing rights are obtained by a fisherman who has paid membership fees:
for each fishing gear unit – EUR 8.00
While fishing it is a must to comply with the rules which determine the minimum size of fish in the haul:
pike – 50 cm, perch – 45 cm, carp, tench – 30 cm,
grass carp and ide – it is prohibited to include those species in the haul, they should be released

One fishing gear unit gives the right to take the haul of up to 2.0 kg for free
The rest of the haul can be either purchased for EUR 5.00 / kg or released
Overfishing (unallowed species in the haul) leads to the fine:
carp, tench – EUR 8.00 for a fish,
pike, perch, grass carp and ide – EUR 15.00 for a fish,
Fish weighing more than 3.0 kg, except for pike should be released. The fisherman can receive a reward of his choice: one free fishing session, or one additional kilogram in the haul for free.
The owner of the water body has the right to check size and weight of your haul.