Terms of use of the territory

In the “Mārtiņu lake” zone

Working time of the recreation area can be found at the entrance.

Payment for the area and equipment rent is performed prior to entering the territory according to the price list.

The vehicles are placed in special areas, allowed speed is up to 10 km / h.

During your stay in the recreation area everyone should comply with sanitary norms. Let the staff know of you have any improvement suggestions and other questions.

Use the rented shelter so that you won’t harm or cause any inconvenience to the other guests.

It is strongly prohibited to smoke in the forest or destroy the green zone. Firewood can be purchased with the help of the staff.

Animal presence in the recreation area is permitted after agreement with the staff, and is subject to the animal keeping rules in public places (muzzles for dogs). Faeces disposal is mandatory.

Do not leave children unattended.

Swimming is allowed in the certain areas stated in the plan only.

Fishing is allowed in the certain areas stated in the plan only.

In case of non-compliance the person may be banished from the recreation place without refund.